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We create handicrafts with traditional methods fusing quality and avant-garde design.

We are a group of artisans from the region of Teotihuacan, Mexico, dedicated to carving and sculpting Obsidian among other materials such as clay, resin, natural glass, etc..

The designs on which we mainly base our work are gods, sculptures and monuments of the Teotihuacan culture, which is representative of our region, but we also take as a reference some representative figures of the Aztec culture, since both civilizations came to share cultures.

Obsidian is a stone, which, if worked well, can be shaped into anything, so we do not limit ourselves to elaborate only representative figures, we can make any type of work, such as sculpture, jewelry and decorative ornaments that you request.

All our crafts are handmade and incrusted with different stones, such as: quartz, minerals, venturine of different colors, lapis lazuli, abalone shell, opaline, sodalite, tiger’s eye, malachite, jade, among others.

Our mission is to share a little of our culture and work to other parts of the world in order to continue with our tradition that has been inherited for generations.

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