Nature Glass


Obsidian is an element of nature whose brightness, color and hardness contrasts with the common rocks and crystals that make up the wide world of minerals.

Because of its varied chemical composition, it is often considered a mineral, but many of us refer to obsidian as a natural glass, a volcanic rock. Its particular color is black, but there is also silver obsidian, golden obsidian and rainbow obsidian, the latter being a very difficult color to obtain. Its special hardness has been the fundamental characteristics for which obsidian has been recognized for millennia.


Golden Obsidian


Silver Obsidian


Rainbow Obsidian

Our process

How is our work created?

The first step is to obtain the stones from the mines found in and around Teotihuacan, Mexico. Only one stone is used for each piece, so the sizes may vary, then we move on to the carving process, where the stone is shaped. The last step is to give shine to the carved piece, so it goes to the polishing area.








Some sculptures are created exclusively from obsidian, while others are decorated with different semi-precious stones and shells, such as: lapis lazuli, sodalite, opal, tiger's eye, jade malachite and abalone shell. If the piece is not decorated with other stones it is carved and polished. If stones are used, they are inlaid after carving and then polished. The sculptures, depending on the work, can take from 1 day to months to complete.

What can we create?

Most of our work is made to represent the Teotihuacan culture and other Mesoamerican cultures, you will find sculptures of different deities, animals and monuments representative of the region, but we can create almost anything, so custom work is available and upon request.

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